The Common Laser Engraving Material

The Common Laser Engraving Material

The Common Laser Engraving Material

The modern laser engraver printers are incredibly versatile, and they can engrave a number of materials. Compared to the traditional printers that could engrave only wood and a couple of other materials such as leather, the current machine can engrave almost any material that is used today in the manufacturing industry. Here some of the materials that can be engraved today:


Wood is one of the most popular, affordable and versatile engraving material. Plywood also cuts quickly with an impressive finish. What makes it popular is the golden-brown look at the edge. The material is cheap and does not require a lot of technical know-how to engrave. Plywood can also be used on almost all varieties of laser engraver printer.


For those looking for a more premium finish, then hardwood would be the perfect choice engraving material. The material is available in different sheet sizes depending on the type of engraving to be done on it. Although it is relatively expensive compared to plywood, the quality of the engraving is excellent.


You will hear some people referring to it as plexiglass, but it is the same thing. Acrylic is quickly becoming popular especially for laser cutting and engraving.  One of the main reasons why it is increasingly becoming popular is the different colors that come with. That gives the users the variety of choices due to the availability of hundreds of colors. Acrylic is widely used for signage, jewelry, ornaments and professional packaging.


The leather is one of the widely used engraving materials, especially in the textile industry. They are also used in luxury tags and other accessories such as bags, scarves, and wallets amongst other textile products. Due to its softness and durability, the material is becoming increasingly popular in different aspects. In most cases, it widely used for marking and branding leather products such as shoes, jackets and leather belts.


Metal engraving is popular with industrial machines and tools branding. Have you ever seen the writing on the metallic parts? Well, most of these are done by the use of engraving. But not all metal can be engraved. Stainless steel and the aluminum are some of the metals that work exemplary well when it comes to engraving.


Not many realize that glass can be engraved. Glass engraving is mostly done for the manufacturer in the glass industry. It is usually used when elegant signage, branding or labeling of the glass containers. Other material that can be engraved includes natural stones and concretes.