Key Advantages of gravure engraving

Key Advantages of gravure engraving

Key Advantages of gravure engraving

Gravure engraving is one of the best engraving techniques due to its numerous benefits over the rest of the printing methods. This form of engraving uses cylinders where the cell is placed and passed through ink for the image to be printed on the substrate. Over the years, this form of engraving has changed and improved in quality. The kind of engraving machines has also improved significantly. But what are the main benefits of gravure engraving? In this article, we are going to look at some of the main the strengths of this technique of printing. Here are the main advantages:

High Quality

One of the key benefits of this form of printing is quality. There are different factors that lead to the high quality of gravure technique. One thing about gravure engraving is the few variables compared to other forms of engraving and this ensures consistency and the printing process. Whether you are printing millions of copies, gravure ensures consistent color throughout the process. It is also important to note that gravure works with a direct image that is placed on the cylinder, which printed direct to the substrate and thus there is a better ink laydown compared to the rival alternatives.


Gravure engraving offers one of the best versatility in the printing industry. Unlike some of the engraving techniques that can only be used on a certain substrate, this technique can be used for various types of substrates. For instance, it can be used on publication printing such as coated papers and very thin paper and still deliver great results. In addition, it can be used in packaging printing of various substrates such as aluminum foils, vinyl, non-porous material, cardboard, and plastic films amongst others. That is how versatile this form of engraving is. With the modern machines, the versatility features have also become extremely powerful.

High Productivity

Extremely high productivity is another key advantage of gravure engraving over the available alternatives. Do you know that gravure presses can run at high production speeds of up to 3300 feet per minute? Well, now you know. The cylinders are also extremely durable in that they can print up to three million prints n set properly. The setting of the engraving head can also be done to hit a speed of up to 10,000 cells per second. That is how powerful this form of engraving can be.

So for anyone planning to invest in the printing industry and get handsome returns, gravure engraving would be a perfect choice.